Duties and Responsibilities


  • Guide all applicants about all aspects of applications including deadlines via web page,
  • Guide all international students including Exchange students(academic protocol only)at  registration process to graduation,
  • Prepares booklets and brochures that contain useful tips for students,
  • Organizes orientation program for international students. Informs them about university and campuses, accommodation and health services,
  • Guide students during the registration for ‘Residence Permit’ at Department of Security,
  • Ensures of appointment an academic representative who responsible for international students in every faculty in order to help the student in their academic problems,
  • Organizes events like music festivals, tea-meetings and such social activities on significant days such as feasts, holydays, etc.,
  • Organizes cultural and social activities for international students,
  • Guide students participating Student Clubs according to their skills and interests,
  • Make announcements to inform all international students about activities, and useful tips on Office web page.