Ankara University Libraries

There are currently approximately 556,000 books present in the libraries of the faculties and vocational schools of the University. There are also 4750 periodicals, 17,000 volumes of handwritten texts, over 30,000 thesis and dissertations available for the use of students. Benefiting from information technologies at the highest possible level is one of Ankara University’s principles. Consequently, there are about 50 Internet servers and more than 8,000 PCs in use at the vocational schools, together with 16 student computer laboratories.


Faculty of Letters Library
Faculty of Dental Medicine Library
Faculty of Pharmacy Library
Faculty of Educational Sciences Library
Faculties of Science and Engineering Library
Faculty of Law Library
Faculty of Divinity Library
Faculty of Communication Library
Faculty of Political Science Library
Faculty of Health Education Library
Faculty of Medicine Library
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Library
Faculty of Agriculture Library


European Union Research Center (ATAUM)



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