Pioneer and Unique University

The sun disc which is the symbol of Ankara University was the symbol of Faculty of Letters.

The sun disc Was first discovered during 1935in Alacahöyük in the archeological excavation. It was first used in ceremonies 4250 years ago in Anotolia and represented the reproduction and freedom.

The Faculty of Letters teaches all the disciplines on social sciences and languages.It is the first faculty Where many languages such as Persian, Chinese, Arabic, Indian, Urdu etc…are studied.

Many archeological excavations and related resaerch studies are first carried out by the Faculty of Letters.

Education and research works concentrate on antique civilizations in Anatolia and other regions.

The Graduate School of the Turkish Revolution History was established in 1942.Its aim is to contribute to the research on history of modern turkey and to prepare scientific materials fort he libraries and archives to apply Atatürk’s principles in modern Turkey with the scientific research.The Institude has nearly 90.000 documents, 12.000 photographs, 8000 negative films, 1150 seals, 3330 stamps, newspapers and 670 materials in its museum.

Ankara University Faculty of Dentistry is the only Faculty with in-patient service for the patients who need treatment.

Turkey’s first Faculty of Pharmacy is that one belongs to ankara University.The Faculty organized the first periodic international meeting ‘International Pharmacy Congress’. In the fifth Congress organized in 1997, contribution on the internet was realized.

The Faculty of Pharmacy has a large piece of land where pharmaceutical plants grow. The academic staff on the Faculty carry out analysis and syntheses fort he efficient material for drugs and plant based drugs. New drug formulations and cosmetology are also among the activity fields of the faculty.

The Faculty Educational Sciences was established to contributr to education policy through scientific approaches to education and training problems.. It is the only Faculty in Turket taht has publications on various disciplines.

The first Toy Museum of Turkey was opened in 1990 with nearly 2000 toys in this Faculty.National Child Congress is organized every year by the faculty.

Faculty of sciences has the longest herbarium of Turkey with nearly 6000 kinds of plants and the Geology Museum has the richest Collection of Stones.

The Faculty of Law is the first faculty established in Turkey. It was opened in 1925 by Atatürk.

‘Industrial Rigts Researc-Application Center’ was first established attached to the Faculty of Law. In order to form a legal basic for industry.

The fisrt academic titles on divinity were given to the academics in Ankara University Faculty of Divinity.The fisrt academic staff and the new generation they tarained made valuable contributions in the field of divinity.

The library of the Faculty of Divinity is the richest library with 40.000 books,2000 hand written boks, 5000 publication. It has internet connection with nearly 30 libraries in the world. Ankara University Faculty of Divinity is the first in its field that has opened a wb ite.Anyone who wishes to ask a question to the faculty can use the web tool and can also participate in the debates and discussions.

The first faculty on journalism and comminication belongs to Ankara University that was opened in 1965 and later became the Faculty of Comminication.

Media Documentation Unit is the only academic unit that daily follows the Turkish Media.

The magazine ‘Culture and Communication’ is the only magazine in the field commnication with a consultant.

The Faculty of Political Science is the oldest faculty which its estagblishment dates back to 1853. It was attached to Ankara University in 1950.

The Department on Human Rights which is the first in this field was established in 1994 in the Faculty of Politicial Science. The Department has publications both in English and Turkish human rights.

Ankara University Faculty of Medicine has many ‘firsts’ in its field. The following are same of the ‘firsts’ of the University: The first artificial heart transplant in Turkey, Left Ventricular Asist Device application, precautions pain surgery, all methods of intervention cardiologyin the Cardiology Clinic, the first meniscus transplant in the Orthopaedics Clinic with Spiral Surgery Instrumentation Method, the first studies and book on autistic children the first integrated automation are amongst many.

Many units each specialized in only one disease are initialed. Bone narrow Transplantation Center, Clinic of Behçet’s Disease, Head ache Therapy Center, Check-up Center, Litotripsy Unit, Immunopatological Unit, Autistic Children Center, Psychiatric Center, Sterility Center are among the mentioned centers.

Ankara University Faculty of VeterinaryMedicine is one of the oldest faculties of Turkey. The school that was established in 1842 in İstanbul moved to Ankara in 1933 and was attached to Ankara University in 1948.

The Museum of History of Veterinary Medicine is at the service of scientists with its rich collection of all the books and periodicals on Veterinary Medicine published in Turkey. Most of the publications are rare and valuable.

The Faculty has the only Genetic Department and Molecular genetic Research Laboratory of Turkey.

Ankara University Faculty of Agriculture is the fisrt high education institude in Turkey. The fisrt school of agriculture was founded in 1846 during the Otoman Empire which was later followed Halkalı superior School of Agriculture. By the year 1948 the faculty joined

Ankara University Faculty of Agriculture was the only faculty in Turkey till 1955 in its field.

The faculty gives special importance to traditional agricultural products that gradually disappear.

Başkent Vocational School is the only school that gives education on restoration and conservation.